Interview with Brandi Milne by Coates and Scarry

Q: What do you do when you are not painting or drawing?
I’ve found myself reading a lot since my trip to Bristol. Maybe that 10 hour plane ride really bucked me up! Otherwise, I love eating fries (chips to you guys!) and going to thrift stores searching for childhood baubles!

Q: I know you have written a children’s book; So Good For Little Bunnies, please tell us about the process?
It was a long and hard process, but worth every minute. I want to do so much more, I’m exhausted just thinking about it!!

Q: Why is the wood so important to your work?
For me, the wood itself is warm and embracing. I love it because it’s almost like a piece of furniture somehow, and it allows me to use ink to line the work rather than lining with black paint. My hands are so ridiculously unsteady, it would be a nightmare to have to line with a brush!!

Q: How do you know when a painting is complete?
I know when it has great balance and narration, and when the paint is tight enough (my paint is very sloppy) to start the final ink process. I try to look at each piece when it’s done, and see if it needs anything else. This is probably one of the only times when there’s a right and a wrong answer.

Q: Please tell us a little about this otherworldly place your work takes us to?
This world doesn’t exist in real life. It’s the world I used to play in when I was little, in my mind. I know it’s directly inspired by Alice In Wonderland – where the grass is 10 feet tall, the scale is a bit loppy and everything around you is kind of threatening in a way. I would like to live there, if everything wasn’t so creepy.

Q: How personal is your work?
My work is very personal. It directly reflects my life at the time, my emotions and feelings. I think of it as a diary of sorts, I can look back at the work and see exactly where I was in my life.

Q: Any advice for young up new up and coming artists?
Love what you do. If you fake it, we can see it.

Q: What kind of legacy would you like to leave?
An honest one.

Q: Three essential items that get you through the day?

Q: Something we would not know about you and should know?
You might not know that my second toe(s) is so much longer than my big toe(s) that my dad asked my mom “will she ever be able to walk?” when I was a baby – and maybe you should know. I AM able to walk, dad, even with this toe(s).

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