Interview with Herakut by Coates and Scarry

Q: Where do you live?

We live in work in Germany but there is no specific city we are based in. We travel quite a lot. Our cars have become our mobile studios.

Q: What was the first piece you put on the street?
Akut´s first graffiti, back a hundred years ago, was a dog. Mine was a kid. When we first met at a graffiti event in Sevilla, Spain, in 2004, we painted a huge girl holding on to her mask.

Q: What do you think art can do for the world?
Creating a piece of art is like watching time lapse of Creation in general. Don´t think we see ourselves as Gods in any way – definitely not. But there is something that cannot be put in words, when you watch a few ingredients being put together and something comes to life where there was nothing before. It makes people realize that what we have now is not the end of what is possible.

Q: How do you see the state the world is in today?
Could be better, and should be too. People are too demanding, too little willing to pay respect to other people´s needs or respect of life itself. Too much ego wherever you are looking.

Q: As a graffiti artist did you have trouble finding the right gallery?

No. We are happy :)

Q: Have you done any commissions?
Sure, we do commissions all the time. It really does not matter where you are getting your input. Taking in ideas from clients is just like listening to music, watching an inspiring movie or talking to friends etc. Of course, the best commissions are those with great wall space, scaffolding and as much time as possible.

Q: What is your Favorite medium?

The more options the better. Nice flat wall surface along with nice weather and nice people around will do for us. But the best way, really, is to jump from one medium to the other with ever project you are doing. Variety is what keeps things fresh.

Q: What are your hopes for the future?
We hope to become the better version of us. Meaning that we are still not happy about how we sometimes have hard times balancing art world and real world. We sometimes do not make sense to everyone. Regarding our work life, we hope to stay as close as we are now, because it is our friendship that keeps us working, really.

Q: What do you listen to when you are working?
Right now, there is a lot of David Bowie, The Smith and The Cure, stuff on our playlist, but also a French band called Nouvelle Vague, and some Scandinavian music, too, but it always depends on where we paint. When we paint outdoors we want to listen to something to keep the speed up, whereas painting inside requires some more quiet atmosphere. You need quiet music to develop some focus.

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